The Elwood Care Center opened in 1972 with 36 beds.  In 1978, it was expanded to 55 beds.  In 1972, 18 people were employed and now there are over 60 employees. The Elwood Care Center was a project of the Village of Elwood.  It continues to be an entity of the Village.

In 2002, the 8 unit Assisted Living was built on.  As of July 2006, 43 certified (Medicare and Medicaid approved) beds are available at the Elwood Care Center with 5 private rooms.


We have landscaped gathering areas with beautiful flowers and walk ways for the residents enjoyment.  Our “Healing Garden” features a waterfall, bridge and fountain with an unusual assortment of plants that bring to light out senses.  Different textures, fragrances and colors are combined for our resident’s relaxation and pleasure.


Our facility has a home like atmosphere.  We like to think we are “family taking care of family”. 


Residents are encouraged to make their rooms as home-like as possible with their own possessions and wall hangings.

Our History...

Board Members

Mary Nelson
Betty Koenig
Kim Scoville
Dick Bennett
Steve Rath
Village Board Representative
Jim Kleine



— family member

“The Elwood Care Center is a special place. It is well organized with a staff that treats the residents with respect and concern. Even though the facility is older, it is clean and well maintained. The staff communicated frequently with me even though I didn’t live in the area which really eased my mind. I would not hesitate to recommend the Elwood Care Center to others needing a skilled nursing facility or a rehab center in the area for their loved one”


“All staff, including the director, did an excellent job! They were caring, empathetic, and compassionate. They were especially good at helping us understand what was going on, which was so important when we were far away. We are very glad that we chose ECC for the last few months of life and will always be grateful for all you did for him and us!”

— family member

“Dear Elwood Care Home staff,

I wanted to thank you all for the care you gave to my grandpa and for doing what you could to make him comfortable. My family and I think you all do a wonderful job caring for the residents and it holds a special place in our hearts for the care you gave both my grandpa and grandma. I didn’t think it would be possible to miss him this much already, but I certainly do. I know how hard it can be with the jobs we do and I just wanted to say thank you and that all the hard work is truly appreciated.”

— family member

“I've been a CNA for over 30 yrs. In Missouri, Kansas and Here at Elwood Care Center and of all the homes I've worked at, this was my favorite. The people here are truly caring individuals and it was my pleasure to be part of the team, I loved all of my residents like my own family. I'll never forget any of you.”

— angie k

"To the wonderful caretakers at Elwood Care Center,

Thank you so much for the kindness, caring and love that you all gave to my mom while she was a resident. She loved all of you! We truly appreciate all that you did and we want to commend you on your outstanding care. My prayers were answered when we found you! God bless you all! 

                                                                                    - family member