Schedule an Outing...

CMS and CDC state in their most recent guidance that they "ackowledge that there is no substitute for physical contact, such as the warm embrace between a resident and their loved one. Therefore, if the RESIDENT is fully vaccinated, they can choose to have close contact (including touch) with their visitor while wearing a well-fitting face mask and performing hand-hygiene before and after. ...Visitors should physically distance from other residents and staff in the facility."


**Fully-vaccinated refers to a person who is two weeks out from their 2nd dose in a 2 dose series, or two weeks out following receipt of one dose of a single-dose vaccine; per the CDC.

Please call ahead and let the facility know when you plan to pick up your loved one.

When picking your loved one up from the facility and upon return, we ask that you come to the front door and complete a risk assessment form with one of our nurses. The risk assessment form determines exposure (regardless of vaccination) while the resident was out of the facility. If it is determined that the resident was potentially exposed to COVID-19, the resident may be isolated for 14 days. Please refer to the letter sent out on 03/23/21 regarding high risk exposures.